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Hi, My name is Norman Cowen. I'm a trumpet player and the president of I've created these products to help wind instrument players hear themselves and play better with less effort. easily attaches to most microphones. The clear plastic material is practically undedectible to the audience or camera and strong enough to last for many years. am proud to have my products in current use by players on national television, movie theme parks and major acts around the world. Maynard Ferguson's Brass & Woodwind sections love the They perform in small clubs to 20,000 seat arenas. The adjustible feature makes it perfect for them in any situation.

Sound engineers love too. They tell me again and again that it is easier to mix wind players with a because it captures more of the natural core sound, isolates it from the rest of the band and prevents feedback. will make playing high energy (LOUD) music more fun because you can hear yourself without overblowing and you will sound better too!

Got questions, ideas or comments? E-mail me at

Best wishes to all,

Norman Cowen

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